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At Rowan House Montessori School we run the following programmes :

We are open from 8am to 6pm daily all year round. Parents can choose from:

  • Extended Day
    8:30am - 1:30pm
  • Ful Day
    8am - 6pm
  • After School Club
    1:15pm - 6pm (After School Club)

Early Montessori : 2-3 years of age

In our younger children's room we are aware that for many children this is their first experience of school. Because we wish to create a lifelong love of learning and to encourage children as social beings, we strive to make their time in the classroom fun, informative, encouraging and loving. Early montessori materials are combined with educational puzzles, a wide array of books, music, movement and a rich environment of aural language to encourage speech development. So that they absorb the Montessori concepts from an early age this room is staffed by fully qualified Montessori teachers.


Our classroom is filled with a full range of approved Montessori materials. It is a beautiful open, airy environment, that combines both an indoor and outdoor classroom and is light and warm year round. As well as a wide range of geography history, sensorial, practical life, arithmetic and language materials. The children have monthly projects e.g. studying paintings in the National Art Gallery, or Egyptian History. We also take the children on trips to coincide with their projects and visit galleries, museums, farms, firehouses etc.

After School Club

We collect children from local schools and return them to a home from home after school environment. After enquiries into the children's day and a home cooked lunch, there is homework supervision by qualified teachers and then a while range of activities including art, cooking, quizzes, board games, toys etc. This programme runs year round and we also offer camps at Easter and during summer.

Click here for a map of our location. We are located close to the junction of Stradbrook Road and Rowan Park Road on the south side (opposite the Rugby Club)


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