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Our Philosophy

At Rowan House Montessori School we rejoice in the basic tenet of Montessori :

that children want to learn naturally.

Beginning with activities in practical life such as pouring, polishing, spooning, juicing etc. moving all the way through to exploration of the countries of Europe and the wonders of addition and subtraction. The montessori materials and the freedom of exploration in a Montessori Environment helps each child explore and improve hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor movement, concentration, repetition and a host of other skills that will assist them from this early stage all the way through their life.

We realise for many children this is the first bridge from home to the outside world and we aim to provide a loving, nurturing environment where both parent and child will feel valued. We look forward to lifelong relationships with families and to establishing and maintaining an individual relationship with each child.

Montessori Principals:

  • Creating a Montessori Learning Environment
    A child centered environment that is responsive and adaptive, with individually constructed competence's.
  • Fostering Montessori's Learning Activities
    Relying on proper materials for engendering spontaneous activity, active and self directing learning, freedom within limits, and intrinsic motivation.
  • Nurturing Montessori Learning Relationships
    Mixing age groupings, creating a social and cooperative community setting, and encouraging collaboration rather than competition.
  • Cultivating Montessori Spirituality
    Placing the child at the centre as a spiritual and moral being.
  • Embodying the Montessori Principals
    Respectfully engaging with learners, matching learners with knowledge and materials, designing beautiful environments, organising and preparing.


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