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Dear Susan...

All good things, as they say, must come to an end! So, we have reached the end of our time with your wonderful school and staff. As Oran completes his last day we would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful care and education that he and Matt have received in Rowan House.

It does not seem like five years since Matt first started with you but it is. As parents we have been constantly impressed with the standard of professionalism that you maintain. The fact that you have kept these standards so high over those five years is testament to the quality of your staff, your facilities and not least to your own commitment to the school.

The boys both have blossomed during their time with you and, whilst both are very different, you and the teachers got to know them intimately helping us to negotiate many milestones with them.

With warm regards,
John and Majella Smith. Blackrock. Co. Dublin


To my 2nd Family at Rowan House:

September 2006 I first stood at the door,
I was going to school, nothing could excite me more.
Susan welcomed me in with a great big smile.
Mom said it's ok to stay here for a while.

I soon found my niche; I was a hit with the boys.
Oran, Jack and Willoughby, we were full of 2 year old joy
Harvey cooked our lunch with a menu so superb
I found a love for curry much to mom's despair.

Aisling, Beverly, Caroline and Catriona taught me the wonders of the world.
How would I remember so much, my mind tossed and turned.
Attention not my strong point no matter how I tried.
I'd much rather be day dreaming about the universe and its size.

So off to big school now I must go.
Leaving my friends and the best place I know.
So many memories and times we have shared
Will stay with me as I grow because, you cared.

Love Sophie XXX June 2008



"I loved the art gallery, baking, maths, imaginosity, growing butterflies and plants, making friends, singing, stories, doing letters, feeding Buttons and Rosie the fish AND being a 'Sheperd's Pie Angel' in the Nativity". Ella Mai Cassidy. Aged 4.



The time Katie has spent with you has been amazing. I've seen how gentle your staff are and how beautifully they deal with the children. I now fully appreciate your dedication, natural ability and experience and am so thankful that my children are getting the chance to experience such a wonderful start in life. Thank you and all of your staff for this.

Stephen & Esther Waters. Blackrock. Co. Dublin


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